The Worst Thing about Soya Milk…

…is that my tea now comes with a head on it!


  1. Does the froth settle down after a few minutes? Maybe you can skim it off with a spoon. I wonder if pouring the milk through a tea strainer into the mug would break up the bubbles …

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  2. I hate my fallback keyboard. Between it and Lenovo/Microsoft helping me out with autoclicks on delayed hover, I may soon go (more) insane. Here I am the third time trying to communicate with you. ::: As I go deeper and deeper into earth-consciousness and learn what others think it encompasses (and the rights and wrongs of approaches) the more I am impressed with misconceptions that abound. I am looking now for my red&black checked woolen shirt and planning my start walking west to Idaho. Your post? enjoyed it, feel your pain, and (in a fit of pique) damn all the free-health-advisors out there. I may go back to drinking. I may start smoking again. Just to spite all these children. Likely, ignoring their advice, I (and you, sir) will outlive their deprived selves. Do good. Ignore me.


  3. Oh. Hey. None of the kids have warned you of reported detrimental effects of soy on males? Unless of course you, like me, feel it will be an easy way to estrogenically get in touch with my feminine side. (Nertz!)

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  4. As a vegetarian, I still do Italian sweet cream. Soy and I just do not agree with each other. They used it in the hospital
    to try to fatten me up and I couldn’t handle it, so they had to give me milkshakes instead. Doesn’t look appetizing.

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