Trying to Work Again

A couple of weeks ago I posted Lola.

Now Reuben is at it, and he is way too big to fit into this tiny gap.

I’ve kinda got the keyboard balanced on one knee because he has found a good place to sleep! Okay, not working but just trying to type.

Mister Bump


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  1. As you know the internet was invented for cats and another activity that I don’t need to mention here. graphic recognition packages first operated successfully on the internet recognizing cat faces. What does this suggest to you? The cats actually invented the internet, and your felines are merely offering technical assistance.
    My cat Xenia supervises me often as I write my posts. I bribe her with bits of Cat TV which shows birds and entertaining small rodents at play. The bribe seems to work. Wink, wink, nod, nod.

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