I don’t go big on buying things these days, but I took the opportunity over Black Friday to get an up-to-date copy of a graphics package called Paintshop Pro (for Windows). Also took the opportunity to get some video creation software published by the same company. I use Paintshop, particularly, on this blog.

Anyway, these programs always contain more features than I ever use so I was playing with it today. This is a photo I took last weekend, but with their “watercolour” filter applied.


  1. Now that is truly interesting! I would love to see what it can really do, but then I do not even know the total
    scope of my I phone. lol

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    • I suspect there’s a lot like that now. There’s a limit though because the more features, the more complicated. Paintshop Pro used to be the “simple” Photoshop, but now I need to look on YouTube to see how to do things.


  2. Wow that looks really nice! I was playing about with canva today, and it was great for me because it seems so intuitive unlike photoshop. Obviously for different types of project, but it’s good for social media posts!

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