A Long Wait

After the last set of photos, I had to wait two weeks for another bright day, and true to form, it arrived today, a day when Mrs Bump wasn’t here. So I had to stay nearby.

This is a local water meadow – even now it was quite boggy – which was made suitable for public use for the millenium. As you might imagine, it is a dog walker’s paradise.


  1. absolutely beautiful! the blues were so blue and the grass was such a lovely contrast and I noticed a few fluffy little clouds to add to the scene. lighting from the sky is amazing too. Looks like something on a brochure, almost too pretty to believe.

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  2. Sounds like your getting similar weather, I think we are to stay cold this week, however, here we may end up
    with 70 for Christmas. One just never knows it fluctuates so much.

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    • A good blue, no? It was lovely yesterday and today, though I did not get out today. I should have done, I suppose. Walked in another direction. In practical terms, walking on that uneven ground is a challenge, though.


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