She woke ten times her size, in a state,
Rushed to city to meet her schoolmate,
Being careful, she said,
“Better watch where I tread”,
Then she looked down and added, “Too late”

I was going to write this image from DeviantArt this weekend, but I thought a limerick was more appropriate.


    • My weekend treat. I go to deviantart, mostly, and look for something to write about. I feel I copped out this week because normally I write a few hundred words, but this time I just wrote a limerick. So, I might try again if I’m feeling energetic today.

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          • Hahaha!!! Brook is eight and kind of independent… I am starting to feel more relaxed on weekends… except for the non-stop storytelling about his game in Roblox.

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              • Yes, we talked about her Roblox days before, so cute because when you talk about your daughter, I imagine her like she’s as small as those on the posted photos (even when I know that she’s an adult now) I guess that’s how parents are 😀 — The longevity of Roblox totally fascinates me, imagine, your daughter and my son who is eight!!! it’s still the same ugly graphics 😀 😀 😀 but for some reason, kids are addicted 😀

                I enjoy one game in Roblox, it’s call Tower Defense Simulator, it’s really cool! And I bought an old account for my son, created in 2010. He uses it for the game, #flexyourage 😀 😀 😀

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                • I don’t think I ever knew what it was. I checked it at some point, to make sure it was suitable, but it never seally registered what it was.
                  There were two sims also she used to like. There was Sims itself (which was iffy because of her age) and one about a zoo.

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                  • At that time, Roblox probably was wholesome… perhaps for some time… because now, it’s just too hard to monitor… I only allow Brook to play with his friends IRL because some people in the server are older dudes pretending to be kids… which is very sketchy.

                    I know about those two sims hahaha. I have played both games… she’s so cute (again, I am thinking of that cute lil girl from the pictures 😀 )

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