Reblog: Flashback Track Friday #34 – 7 Seconds

Earlier, I posted on our music blog, Songshine Sounds, a track which was a big hit in Europe in the mid-90s. In France, it broke the record for the longest time spent at #1.

So if you’d like to hear some Euro-pop, why not head on over?

Songshine Sounds

Welcome once again to Flashback Track Friday. Each week, either KK or Mister Bump will present a song to you, and out of that song, will prompt you with a question.

7 Seconds is a duet from Neneh Cherry and Youssou N’Dour, released in my mid-twenties (1994), which stormed the charts in Europe. In French charts, it stayed on the top spot for 16 weeks, which was a record at the time. In the UK it reached #3, but it was very much a Euro-hit, because in the US, it only just broke into the Hot 100. So this song will be wonderfully fresh to US readers.

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