September’s Hundred-Word Story

Do you remember I’ve responded to the Hundred Word Story challenge a couple of times? I didn’t respond in August but I’m still looking at the challenge and thought September’s image looked worth writing.

“We visit your mother every bloody week! I’ve had enough – this week, I’m staying home”. Zeus hammers his clenched fist onto the dining table.

“You’re my husband… We’re a couple… I want us to go together.”, retorts Hera, unwilling to budge.

After a moment’s thought, Zeus proposes, “I can see there’s only one solution here”, before flouncing angrily from the room. A pregnant pause, before he bellows, “You coming? I’m waiting.”

“Boys”, sighs Hera, as she eventually follows.

Next door, Zeus counts down. “Ready… set… GO!”, he commands, as the pair grip their controllers and the game of Scalextric begins.

[100 Words]

I haven’t submitted anything yet. I figure I’ll sit on it and ponder any edits, as there’s still three weeks until the end of the month.

But it just kinda tickled me, that the gods would settle an argument by playing “Scalextric”… with real trucks! Especially as from what I am just reading about Hera, she seems a bit of a henpecker, doesn’t she?


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