The Arranged Marriage

For Fandango’s Story Starter #1, where we build something around the following phrase:

Don’t you dare come any closer…

She was lucky, she knew. Not many would have her start in life. She must take full advantage, to grow tall and strong.

As she waxed, she caught fleeting glances of her neighbour, who shared her youth. Over time, she saw his full range, and his sturdy presence soothed her, his power commanding by her side. She admired his summer peaks, but she also glimpsed his midwinter vulnerability. Most of all, she enjoyed his caramel beauty in the fall, stealing furtive glances as he undressed. Was he really the one? Her shyness betrayed her own anxiety – would he like her in return? As if to reassure her, now and again he bowed across, and she would allow herself a coy curtsy in return.

She herself became broader, taller, and matured. Transfixed by her adult beauty, their bond became mutual as she grew to depend on his steadfastness. Her first vision as she peeked out from her slumber each morning, as the pair grew together. Until, one fine spring morning, the wind was fair, and she was ready for him. She released her pollen.


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