Life through the Lens (4 July 2021)

When my eyesight was still good, I was a bit of an amateur photographer. This is one of mine.

image showing a silhouette of a camera

A reenactment of the UK’s very own independence, the Civil War, which determined whether the king or the parliament reigned supreme. Unfortunately, the people lost out, both ways.

Revolutions usually mean sweeping out something old and corrupt, a breath of fresh air, so I’m usually in favour. The only thing none of us mastered is replacing corrupt regimes with anything better.

And we should be careful what we wish for – disgruntled Americans are now free to shoot people dead in large numbers, people they never met, people they have no way of knowing whether good or bad. Next time you hear news of a mass shooting, remember the “freedom” you’re celebrating today. Freedom is great, but with it comes responsibility. It’s a shame America’s thinkers didn’t think to write that down, too.

I love this shot, I love being able to actually see the guns being fired.

Roundheads, during a reenactment from the English Civil War
Roundhead Infantry


  1. Interesting post! Yes, mankind has the tendency to replace one oppression with another. the rhetoric may be all about equality, but…turns out a grab for power and the purse strings. I recently heard about the former head of one militant US group who professes to be a trained Marxist. She now has three homes and a nice net worth.
    History shows that after most revolutions those who rise to the top live in the cream, while the peasants just get a different brand of the same old skim milk. George Orwell had it right with his Animal Farm.

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    • I call it as I see it. There’s an awful lot of news must happen there that must never even reach the UK. But yes, I never even saw a gun when I was in the US. Equally it would be dumb of me to assume they don’t exist.

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    • I guess you’d call these things muskets and yes, they were quite beefy. These reenactments were a dream just for capturing images you wouldn’t normally get. They seemed to dry up because events insurance got really expensive.


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