Who Won the Week (20 June 2021)

In response to Fandango’s Who Won the Week post, I have been looking at my own newsfeeds.

I didn’t start looking for a story to share until this morning, but fortunately this one jumped straight out at me. I’m going to go all the way over to Arizona for today’s story, though, so maybe some of you heard it already?

I’ve mentioned a few times before about how I used to love cycling, so this week, let’s focus on a race called Bike the Bluff. It’s in a place called Show Low in Arizona, just a little bit north of Phoenix, and took place only yesterday.

We’ve all been there, right? Pesky cyclists, cutting us up when we’re driving? Slowing us down? Wouldn’t it be good if they just got off our road altogether?

Well, this guy – the only details I got were that it was a 35yo male – thought that and took it one step further. The race was only about a mile out, at 7:25 AM Saturday morning, when this man, according to an eyewitness, used his black pickup, which had been travelling in the opposite direction, to ram the race.

His actions left six people in a critical condition, plus assorted walking wounded.

This could not have been an accident, because afterwards, the pickup fled. In any case, that same eyewitness reported the truck crossing over three lanes of highway in order to plough into the race.

Quick thinking cyclists dialled 911, and police arrived quickly to pursue the pickup.

They ended up shooting the driver, who himself is now in a critical condition. I’m not sure I think that’s a good or a bad thing, that this guy is still breathing.

It was a perennial debate when I was a cyclist – which should have priority, the cycle or the motor? You can’t really use the excuse that motorists raise taxes, because most cyclists tend to be motorists too. And if we want to discourage pollution, surely the people we tax the most are those who pollute the most?

But whatever our personal view, the legislators in most places give cyclists priority.

In some places there is a three-foot rule, making it illegal for a motor vehicle to pass within three feet of a bicycle. That rule is ingenious, because it means that it there is a collision, the driver is automatically at fault, because in order for there to have been a collision at all, the driver must have come within three feet, so is already breaking the law.

And In some more civilised countries, their road systems are built so as to segregate the two, avoiding the issue as far as possible.

Lance Armstrong successfully sued a motorist outside of Austin, Tx, who cut him up. Incidents are difficult to prove, but I suppose when you’re Lance Armstrong, you have deep pockets.

And I think with the current climate emergency, the incident takes on a new dimension. Would we sooner have Ford Super Duties on our roads, or bicycles?



  1. Most of the men here in my family either drove a truck or want to. It’s a huge masculine symbol, no pun intended, here in the west. However, bicycles have always been looked upon sort of like wheelchairs, – you are in the way!

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  2. Ford Super Duties. I’ve been so annoyed by people on bicycles in this city for a long time. They have crossed the white line and been in front of my truck too many times. They slow traffic down, and in Las Vegas, there’s a ton of traffic yet these dolts continue to ride on public roads. If I had my way, they would never ride the roads again… My 6000lb pickup truck will win the battle every time. I hope that never happens, of course.

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  3. Such a sad story! People in a rush to get somewhere don’t want to slow down. But it’s the biker who loses, so bikers do need to be alert. Crossing lanes to mow people down is homicidal rage, no matter what transportation the victim uses.

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  4. I am proud of my Dutch family links where at least cycling is for everyone a normal mode of day to day transport, the road network includes cycle lanes everywhere and cars have to stop for cyclists at junctions. It’s healthy for mind as well as body. I couldn’t quite believe this sad story – there will always be the crazy lunatics.

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    • I used to be a keen cyclist before I wasa ill, the Netherlands had the best cycling of anywhere. The interesting thing is that while they are now the envy of the world, in 1950 they were exactly the same as here. It took definite political willpower to steer their society in a particular direction. We could do with some willpower here.

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