MediTrak Update

Ehe splash screen for the Meditrak app I have just developed.

I finally made my latest app available to the public yesterday. I badge these things as “preview” releases simply because I don’t have any resources to test the thing properly, so I write my own scripts and test them myself, iron out as many kinks as I can find, and throw them out to the public to hopefully find the rest.

Had a hiccup last couple of weeks, had to rewrite a chunk (that’s a technical term), so it took a little longer than I expected. But I figured it was more important to do it right than to hit an artificial deadline.

Anyway, this will track meds, past, present and future (if needs be). Med X, from then to then, etc. Contains lists of both US and UK meds, to help the user choose the med in the first place. Runs on Windows, sits purely on your computer, no internet connection used. And will export a pretty certificate of your history, if you like. No need even to tell it your name, unless you want it printed on this certificate (which is a pdf file).

If you’d like to download a copy (free for nothing) just hit the graphic above or visit:


    • Hopefully. Writing programs is something I like doing anyhow, but it’s nice to be using that to come up with something hopefully useful. The challenge now is to start thinking about what the next thing should be.

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