The Old Master

for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge of 24 April 2021, junk.

When I needed some assets to free,
Took my heirloom to auction to see,
But when, full of mirth,
I requested its worth,
He said “Mister, about 50p”

If there is anything guaranteed to make me hunt for my glasses, hunt for the remote, and switch channels, it is when one of these “I never even realised this was lying dormant in my attic, and now I’m a millionaire” TV shows.

When my parents died, I got £200 for the entire contents of their house. That’s how much things are worth.


  1. I think most of my mum’s stuff was sent to a charity, but she had some pretty good jewelry. We almost sold her mobility scooter, but my husband had the idea it would come in handy one day! So I still have it in the barn.

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