Flashback Track Friday #8

A different type of post today. For the past few weeks, I have enjoyed responding to KK’s Flashback Track Friday post, and today, KK graciously allowed me to guest-host for the week. I hope she realises what she is letting herself in for!

The general idea is that she chooses a tune which has been influential to her, she delves into the lyrics, and pulls out a creative writing prompt. Might be a poem, a short, you could even post some music or an image.

Last week, she gave us all a snippet from The Canterbury Tales, but I’m afraid the culture is going to be postponed for a week. For my prompt:

Anybody who follows me will likely have heard me talk about my hometown from time to time. I hail originally from Liverpool, UK. To most people, this is synonymous with only one thing – The Beatles.

And so, today, I’d like to feature one of their tunes. Hopefully, you know and like this one already.

The amazing thing is, the song is entirely true! The shelter in the middle of the roundabout, the barber’s, the lot. I know this because I grew up a few miles from Penny Lane. As a youth, before I left Liverpool, I even used to belong to a club just a few hundred yards away.

So, throwing any deep cultural references to one side, my challenge to you all is just to come up with something about your hometown. It can be as local as you feel comfortable with. KK’s normal rules apply. Please either write a comment here, or write a post of your own and either pingback to this post or leave a link below. If you create your own post, please tag it FBTF or #FBTF, so everybody can find it. Anytime over the next week will be good.

Content can be anything: music, image, flash, poetry, it’s up to you. I just want to be as inclusive as possible.

Both KK and I are looking forward to reading your responses, and lastly, you will be relieved to know that KK will be back next week!

And now I need to get cracking and think of a response of my own!


  1. I love the Beatles and I’m sure I did the bus tour once as part of the museum experience… I don’t have time to do a post I’m afraid, but here’s a song featuring the name of my home town: https://youtu.be/wMykYSQaG_c panic on the streets of Carlisle usually happens on a Friday night after the pubs close!

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