Dear Diary

Yay, it is time for Paula’s Tuesday Story! I’m sorry, this is another one where I didn’t quite “get” the middle image. Am I supposed to recognise these people? I feel I should, but I don’t. But hopefully, an okay story anyhow. Images today are:

I was alone. When Simon got his big promotion, we had to move, didn’t we? I had already made my vows.

He, at least, seems to be settling in nicely. This new role seems to suit him. And I have it so easy, don’t I? I stay home all day, just look after our two-year-old, throw some food onto the table every evening. A cushy number, right?

Sure, I’m not getting out much, but this is a new city, a new continent, even. I miss my family, I’d like to be a little closer to mom and dad. And, it would be good to have babysitters every now and again, to get a break. But this was a big promotion. Stand by your man, right?

And in fairness, Simon has tried to help. He introduced me to Maggie, the wife of a colleague, another ex-pat. She seems nice, seems to have integrated, but then she has been here a while longer. I will get there, too. It’ll come.

I’m less sure about Maggie’s friends, though. Many of them are also ex-pats. They have a luncheon clud every fortnight. Last week, Maggie invited me.

It was kinda weird – grown women… There was one woman, she has been here forever, they all seemed to swarm around her – the queen bee. Once, she was obviously the star attraction. Now, she probably gets by on reputation. Painted pretty, immaculately made up, but no disguising those icy eyes. Pleasant, but every time we spoke, she was playing games with me, toying with me.

I don’t know if I’ll go again. I don’t know if I’ll be invited again. I don’t want to disappoint Simon.

I miss mom.


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