The Ugly Duckling

Yay, it is time for Paula’s Tuesday Story! Images today are:

“What’s the matter, lad?”, said Grandad. It was clear that young Joey had something on his mind. But they could speak to eash other, always could. Through all those teenage fights with parents, grandad was there. Grandad communicated with him.

“I’m sorry, grandad, it’s okay”, shrugged Joey, but feeling grandad’s warm arm around his shoulders, he gave way. “Look, lad, I can tell a mile away that there’s something wrong. Why don’t you come out to the loft with me and you can tell me all about it?”

The chill in the aire gave Grandad the isolation he desired. “Come on then, lad, let’s be havin’ it”. “I’m just so fed up with it, grandad. Why can’t I find anyone good? They all seem to last two minutes.” Some delicate probing told Grandad that Joey had just split up with his latest girlfriend.

“You know what you need?” Joey looked up with interest. “There’s nowt so irresistable as a man who can dance. Trust me, lad, the girls can never resist ’em.

While somewhat dubious – Grandad’s dating tips were fifty years old – Joey figured that he had nothing to lose. He started taking lessons. To his surprise, the idea of a girlfriend was pushed onto the backburner. Joey actually enjoyed the experience.

Nine months later, he was helping Grandad once again. He slipped it in – “The Dance School is having its annual awards this Saturday night, followed by a ball. I think I might be up for the Novice award.” Grandad replied simply, “Knock ’em dead”.

On Saturday, Joey did, in fact, win Best Newcomer. One of the reasons, they said, was the growth in confidence that the instructor had witnessed. At the ball afterwards, there was no shortage of congratulation. He even had Jo come up and say a few words. A member of the same class, Jo’s beauty and strawberry blonde bob stood her out from the crowd. He had noticed her immediately, but had never been sufficiently courageous even to breathe in her general direction.

“Thanks, Jo”, he blushed, and displaying his new-found confidence could not resist adding, “would you like to dance?”


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