National Security

Yay, it is time for Paula’s Tuesday Story! Images today are:

“Order, Order”. Like an impatient headmaster, the Speaker of the parliament rapped his gavel onto the lectern. His audience quietened deferentially. When he had complete silence, he continued:

“The next item on todays agenda is the CC Bill. As you all know, this bill is of such a sensitive nature, that I move that we sit this item behind closed doors. I move that all members of the public be removed from the chamber.”

“Second”, cried a supportive voice.

The votes counted, the house voted unanimously to sit in closed session. There were murmurings as those in the Public Gallery were commanded to leave the chamber. When the last one had left, the Speaker used his gavel once again, to command silence.

Amid a packed house which was breathless in anticipation, the Speaker turned to the Prime Minister and urged, “Come on then, Harry, let’s have those cupcakes”.


  1. The epilogue to ths story is:

    Once the cupcakes were served, the Speaker spoke once again, through a mouthful pf cake. “Did you remember to bring the beer, too?”, he quizzed the Prime Minister. A pause. Then “Aw shit, I knew there was something”.

    But then some of us might not describe HoC as a brewery.

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  2. For some reason, the word security reminded me of something I had forgotten, even though I vowed to remember it!
    I had the weirdest dream about you last night. We were with others at a sort of blogging seminar in a large hall, but it was set out like a high school parents evening. You had brought with you a spaceship that you had constructed, and for some reason I thought it was the most colourful spaceship I have ever seen. Which is weird because I’ve never seen any, well, not in the flesh!
    Anyway, we had a toilet break (that could have been for real) and when you returned to the hall you had turned into a woman who was just as colourful as the spaceship! I do not remember anything else!

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    • Well, both! My balance is not good enough to ride my bikes any more. I have 5 or then still chained up in the garage. But also, who can resist some pastries now and again?

      You remind me of visits to France, and visits to the bakery for bread in the mornings. Daughter always chose millefeuille. Me? I was good, of course.


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