The End of the Road

I thought I’d have another bash at KK’s Yard Sale of Thoughts Flashback Track Friday post. The idea is that she picks an old music track that she likes, and then uses that as the theme of something new, and this week she picked a Nina Simone song on the subject of empowerment..

So today, I just fancied a bit of fiction.

She was so afraid. What if Gary was the best she could do?

She looked around her, at the four walls. She had a roof over her head, at least. He did his share; she could not complain. Sure, it’s different when you move in with someone, you can’t have it all your own way. Maybe she just needed to give it a bit longer, and it would feel right?

Plus, there were the benefits of having a man. Of being a part of a couple. The world was designed for couples, she thought. Everybody did everything as a couple – restaurants, movies…

The shrill ring of her phone cut short her daydreaming. “Lisa? It’s Gary. Look, I’m afraid I’m going to be late home again. I had a call from Jason, he said he could put some business my way….” She zoned out. This was the third time this week, if she looked back over a month, she lost count. Twenty minutes, bookending each day, this was all she had with him now. Gary, it seemed, had settled into co-habiting simply fine, in fact his life had changed little since before Lisa had moved in. Still the active social life, but with the added bonus of somebody to warm the bed.

Ten minutes later, another ring, but this time from the convection oven. Supper. She plated her half and left the rest in its foil tray. He could eat that when he came home.

It was gone nine o’clock when Lisa finally heard Gary’s key fumble in the lock. He came in and crashed down on the other chair. Even from ten feet away, she could smell the drink. “Supper ready?” he asked. No, “nice to see you. How was your day?” “It’s in the oven, but it’s probably cold by now.” Gary got up and returned with the tray. Cold or not, Gary was in no mood for waiting.

“How was Jason? Did he have any business for you?” “Oh, Jason was fine. Look, do you mind if we don’t talk about it just now, doll? I’m dog-tired after the day I’ve just had.” In an instant, Lisa saw what the rest of her life would be like.

Thirty minutes later, Gary was snoring gently in the chair. Lisa shook him awake.

“Gary, can you wake up a minute. I think we need to talk.”

Incidentally, I once covered a Nina Simone track as part of a Song Lyric Sunday response. I liked the video especially, it got reworked by Nick Park, of Wallace and Grommit fame. What they do with stop-go just beggars belief.


  1. This is outstanding. I love the image of Jason bookending Lisa, and the way the she wakes him up at the end seems promising that she won’t be tolerating this mistreatment much longer. Thanks so much for participating in my prompt. My son and I love Wallace and Grommit, so I can’t wait to check out your post. Cheers! Happy Friday, friend!

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  2. Whoa! Dose of reality! Well put together. Painted the souls and circumstances so well, it begs for a to be continued… Do we see all there is to be seen of Gary? Do we understand Lisa enough take her side? Nice early afternoon read. Thank you.

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