funnily enough, was chatting earlier about -ation..

A woman with yoga fixation,
Was revolving in clockwise gyration,
With her toe up her nose,
She completed the pose,
Though her posture induced suffucation!


  1. hahahahaha – if you have ever tried to do any yoga pose even the simple ones…you have to have a sense of humor. I would get so frustrated that my husbands ankles were so flexible he could wrap his feet/legs easily and I was like – how are you doing that. Soccer. All the years of soccer.

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    • Mrs Bump has tried it at various intervals over the years, but mostly she was into pilates. But imagining those contortions is brilliant material for a rhyme.
      I used to be good for years because I cycled, but since my stroke I am far less mobile and have grown several sizes. I have a bad foot which gets very stiff.

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      • Oh, I understand. It’s sad when our body ages and begins to fail us. We have to find new ways to do things. I liked to cycle too! I have an old-school spinning bike that was revamped and sold from one of the gyms. I love it! Also, I recently bought a cubii – and that similates a small ellipitcal machine. And as you sit and blog, you can easily move it – I suspect even with a stiff foot! You might want to check into that? I love mine. Here’s a link to what it is.
        I bought mine through QVC.

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          • No, the slipping is not an issue. It comes with a nonslip surface pad. And if you want to use them, two plastic devices that you can set any roller wheel on (it was intended to be used at your desk with an office chair on wheels) – I have carpet and with that pad, I don’t use the other things, but that’s because I’m sitting on something without wheels. It’s made so you can pick up and move to the couch as you are watching tv.

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            • Yeah I see them in the UK. Actually there’s quite a selection of different brands. Might have to raid the piggy bank. I did have one of my full-size bikes locked into a trainer but we needed the space and, somehow, it never got put up again.

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