As most of you know, I volunteer, just chatting to people on the phone each week.

Many of us are still isolating – have done so since February – so people cancelled any plans they nurmally make and stayed home instead. For me, while I normally have a short break I have just carried on this year. After all, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas this year, does it?

But there can sometimes be a funny side. We’re all relying on online grocery deliveries to keep us stocked up, though of course sometimes the stores can’t supply things.

So I had this one client, the supermarket couldn’t get hold of a turkey for him. So the poor chap had to go without.

They did, however, supply the jar of cranberry sauce he had ordered. And he’s, like, wtf am I supposed to do with this????


  1. I am living an online life at the moment, am blocked in at home due to weather conditions. Now and again I can escape. It’s a new way of life, but thank goodness turkey is not a custom in Switzerland. I can give one little piece of advice Cranberry juice is excellent for the water works, I drink it every day and since had no more problems-At least your colleague will have no water problems.

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  2. Chuckling. Would blame Grocers, but it’s the boobs who do pick-list shopping for homebound (or lazy) folks. Still, your post made me recall all the incidents… Nice. Have a Happy 2021.

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