No poem today, I’m afraid, I an still a bit freaked out by yesterday.

I woke up yesterday and, quite abruptly, the vision in one of my eyes was a bit blurred. It’s glaucoma caused by diabetes. I’ve talked to specialists about this, and, as regards prevention, the unanimous opinion is “control your blood sugar”.

The thing is, I do control my sugar. At least, I do since the stroke. And things had been goig so well. There was never any hope of “improvement”, but certainly of halting the decline.

So I woke up yesterday and this had happened. There was no pain involved, but as you can imagine, it freaked me out.

Out of that eye, I can still “see” things in a macroscopic sense, I can still see everything around me, it’s just a bit blurred, but I lose things like writing – and the computer screen. With both eyes, I can still read e.g. WordPress, but I have upped the magnification from 120% (because my eyes weren’t brilliant anyway) to the next level up, 133%. With that, I can read things like the editor, but not so much people’s comments. For other people’s posts, I always found it easier to listen anyway, but that doesn’t work for comments. And, well, this post looks okay, doesn’t it?

So there we are.

i guess this fits Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 26 December 2020, abrupt.


  1. Sorry to hear this Pete. Hope you are soon on the mend. I have a mate who has had diabetes for over 20 years now. he manages his blood sugars very well now, but occasionally something like this will happen and it gets him down a bit. Understandably so! Ageing sucks, doesn’t it!

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  2. My prayers to my friend. I hope there is no permanent damage or issues. That is one thing my primary doctor is adamant about me doing – getting my eyes thoroughly examined on a regular basis. I have type II and he is on me like ugly on a duck all the time. Best wishes to you.

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      • Ya…that is a bite as we say here. I’m noticing my Parkinson’s shakes are getting worse. So far I can still type on my computer, but typing this on my phone takes a while. My thumbs bounce around the keyboard like jumping beans on a hot plate…comical to watch, but a pain in the ass to finish a text. Keep up the fight as I will too.

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          • Hi Mr. Bump,
            Wanted to let you know I mentioned you in a FB post today. After our conversation here, I got the idea for a post called “Fighting For Our Health”, and included a brief description of your post yesterday and went from there. I’ve included two links in my post. One, for your site to invite my viewers to follow you, and two, a copy of the link to my article for you. I can relate to health issues – maybe together we can give folks some confidence in confronting them? Bless you my friend.

            My FB link:

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            • Thanks for the mention. It’s funny you mention driving, that kind of thing is grounds to move house. I consider myself lucky to live in a village which is on an infrequent bus route, although I’ve hardly left the house since covid. The problem is that I like it out here.
              I’ve liked your post but did not send a friend request as I hardly ever use FB.


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