Less Is More

Okay, this might be a really dumb post coming up.

This is Paula’s Tuesday Story prompt, where she gives us three pictures, and we conjure up a story.

Pictures this week:

The reason my post might be dumb is that the middle picture looks like a butterfly to me. So if I got that wrong, the story won’t make sense.

The bottom picture… I’ve a feeling that this is someone I should recognise. Is that Steve Martin? Cloueau? But, for the purposes of my short, I’ll play it safe and just assume “a guy”.

“I’m pooped”, thought Dave, as he settled into his first-class seat. Filming for his new sitcom had just finished three hours ago, and he was finally getting out of LA, headed back to spend Christmas in Cedar Rapids, where his wife and two children were due to meet him.

As his holiday season began, a well-dressed, greying man settled into the seat next to him. They greeted each other, and, relaxing, Dave kicked off his shoes, letting out a long sigh.

“Looking forward to the holidays?” the man asked. “You look like you could use some recharging.” The pair got talking. Dave explained that he was an actor, he was in the tv sitcom Flying Tonight. But that filming was long hours and he was looking forward to a couple of weeks break.

“I know that show”, said the man. “I thought I recognised you.” As they chatted, Dave asked the man what he did for a living. “Oh, I started this company. It does pretty well, so mostly these days I’m pretty hands-off. My training, I’m a doctor.”

“A doctor? What type of doctor?”, asked Dave.

“Well, there’s the thing”, said the man. “We discovered this serum, made from butterflies’ urine. We inject it into people’s asses. It helps them lose weight. I run a clinic in Beverly Hills.”

“No way he made that up”, thought Dave.


  1. Now if that serum would make people more honest; more compassionate; and leave office when they should, the guy would be a gazillionaire. 😂

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