We Will Remember

A serious poem to display my cynicism on Remembrance Sunday (today) in the UK.

I think we should remember, but I think we should also be clear on what we are remembering. And when we do fight a fight, it should be for a cause we believe in. I would have been a lousy soldier.

We will remember,
But soon to forget,
For dropping our smartbombs,
We have no regrets.

We will remember,
I hear the loud cry,
Remember what?
Is my simple reply.

We will remember,
All those young lives,
But that will not make us
Change impervious minds

We will remember,
to show them respect.
But just don’t expect us
to have introspect.

We will remember,
to lay down the wreath.
Do not indicate
What our thoughts are beneath.

We will remember
Make sure we look the part.
But who can determine
What goes on in my heart.

We will remember
This great photo op
As they take their photos,
My ordnance will drop.

We will remember,
This cloudy Sunday,
To make sure our killing’s done,
Far, far away.

We will all agree that people made sacrifices, lives are cut short, but we have to think further than that. We should also remember that those lives were cut short precisely because of the folly of somebody’s ideas. That war represents a failure of negotiation. That because all these lives end up being cut short, war should be a last resort.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

11 thoughts on “We Will Remember”

  1. War absolutely should be a last resort. As kids we are taught not use violence.Imagine if all the money spent on arms throughout the world had been spent on things like medical research.
    I do sometimes wonder if the world would be a less violent place if it were run by women.

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  2. Beautiful peace — piece. We have, as you know, small divergences in philosophy. Not the time for those. Perhaps a rant, later. No. Respect. You have done it well though your petticoat peeks beneath your tunic.

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  3. I remember those who like it or not sacrificed for others, family, friends, neighbors, and country, which includes those who did not “return,” came back physically or emotionally damaged, or never found themselves in a position of give or take. Here, a noted retailer has banned wearing of “rememberance” devices while working in-store. Such callous disrespect I think only possible because at some time some did in fact become only memory.

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