or, how to be helpful… without being helpful 🤣.
or, when did you last encounter this?

Alone in the country, driving along,
Where am I going? I’ve got it all wrong!
With my hopes of arrival beginning to fade
I spy an old farmer who comes to my aid.

It’s down in the valley, up by the hotel,
With conflicting directions, this might not end well,
Across from the post box, around from the church,
Along from the old stocks, right next to the birch.

You’ll come to a crossroads, now don’t go down there,
I’m silently wringing my hands in despair
By Fletcher’s Farmyard, who on earth is that?
Not far from the thatched pub, The Old Broken Bat.

Past old Parson Jeffries’ humble abode,
Much more of this and my head will explode.
I ended the chat knowing less than I started,
I revved up the engine, and quickly departed.

You can listen instead, I did a YouTube link today. I’m on a roll, finding new ways of doing things, even managed to add a special effect.


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