7 O’clock News

I’m sorry this is a bit of a rant and probably a pretty crappy poem, but I just watched one of our our news shows and am now thoroughly pissed off.

I didn’t even include the scenes of Boris Johnson trying to unilaterally change the Brexit terms. And he’s vehemently saying he is “clarifying” it, and nobody believes him.

To cap it all, there are COVID cases in my village, after having been clear for about three months. Daily numbers in the UK were down today, but everybody is saying this is due to waiting for test results, because test facilities are overwhelmed.

I spoke to my clients all through isolation,
Don’t watch too much news during incarceration,
All through Lockdown, myself unaffected,
Nary a hint of depression detected.

Tonight, however, a different story,
The News comes on in all its glory,
My mood began to drop, descend,
The News was bad from start to end.

The main presenter out on site,
To highlight lots of species’ plight,
So many of them in freefall,
Their chances of survival small.

Some Greenland glacier broke away,
42 square miles, I heard them say,
No prizes for guessing what’s in store,
As it raises the sea level a little more.

Of course, the fires in the States,
Intense against the Golden Gate,
Footage of houses burned to ash,
and burned out cars, no time to dash.

In Portland, Oregon, the quality of air,
The worst in the world, say Channel Four,
Then footage from Aus of the bushfire strife,
With a singed Koala crying for life.

If I had any good humour left, it would be shred,
There’s trouble with Greece and Turkey, in the Med.
Two NATO allies squaring up,
Or is this a storm in the famous teacup?

The news tonight was pretty rough,
I’ve had my fill, I’ve seen enough,
Enough of this gone in my head,
Turn off the TV and go to bed.


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