Mostly, if my posts attract comments, they are from names I “know”. My Graham Greene quote yesterday attracted quite a cryptic comment, with an obviously religious flavour, from somebody I had never even encountered before. I don’t know whether the quote upset this blogger but I thought about it overnight, and it prompted this little ditty today:

A strange encounter the other day,
A comment on a post, not sure what to say,
A quote by the author Graham Grene,
A nice, short quote on a religious theme.

Greene compared heresy to freedom of thought,
From such a wordsmith, a quotation well-wrought.
Ah yes, said the comment, God gives us free will,
A clear implication, designed to instill.

Not sure how to answer, I simply said Hi.
Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you stopped by.
But I thought to mysewlf that it’s all well and good,
As long as they know other trees in the wood.

For respect cuts ways, let us not misconstrue,
If you want my respect, you’ll respect my view too.
My will is my own, it’s straightforward and easy,
No gods and no masters, hope you don’t feel uneasy.


  1. I’m familiar with the blogger who commented on your post with the Graham Greene quote. She tends to leave comments on my posts having anything to do with religion, spirituality, or God. We’ve had several interesting exchanges and ultimately we agreed to respectfully disagree. But I’m glad she left her “cryptic” comment on your post because it prompted you to write this delightful poem.

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