One Door Closes…

I wrote a post yesterday for my FOWC response and just decided to continue developing the thread, which Ithought I’d post today. I suppose it helps if you read the first part (which is also about 3 minutes) but it’s not absolutely essential.

“Ash Brown 228?”. Asha heard the voice from behind. Spinning around, the man who had greeted Asha was not at all what she was expecting. Buying herself some time, she said “oh, good, you’re at the bar already? How about getting me a drink?” With a glass of wine on its way, Asha had time to think. This guy had described himself as somebody totally different, and Asha was very unimpressed. Could she believe any word that this guy said? SurpriseSurprise49 had certainly lived up to his name. By the time the wine arrived, Asha had decided what to say.

“Look, I’m sorry, I’m not happy doing this. You basically made up this online profile, to trick women to meet up with you.” “I’m sorry”, he interjected. “If you’ll let me explain…”

But Asha was gone through the door and into the night, leaving her drink untouched SurpriseSurprise49 would perform no more surprises tonight.

Pissed with the world, Asha quickly phoned Anna to let her know that she was safe, at least, and on her way home, then she just headed for the tube. ¾ hr later, she came up out of  the tube, arriving back onto home territory. Figuring that she had better eat something this evening, Giros Taverna was known across north London for its authentic Greek cuisine, but tonight Asha just wanted something to fill the gap, and ordered a take-out kofte. She would normally have hesitated before consuming all these calories, but hadn’t tonight been bad enough? Armed with her takeout, she almost bumped into somebody coming in, just as she was leaving. She vaguely recognised him as a neighbour from four or five houses away, but short of apologising for their mutual encounter, was in no mood for conversation.

“That was one smart-dressed lady”, thought the guy as he and two friends bumped past the woman on their way into the taverna.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

11 thoughts on “One Door Closes…”

      1. Plenty of Fish lol. My friend got me onto and before I met my current love of almost 11 years on there, I chatted with him and a couple of other chaps for months. It was good fun, once you filter out all the lying short arses, Bobby Charlton hairlines, and”what you wearing?” pervs or the “open marriage freaks.” Wonder if there wives knew they were in the modern open marriage too.

        The good thing is POF is free and you can just delete and block the dirty mac brigade.

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            1. It’s funny because there were always just loads of other things to do rather than go looking for the next shag. For me, work was always a biggie, and it probably worked out quite well for the marriage – out 14 hours per day at work, so where was I gonna find the time (or the energy!)?
              . It’s easier when I see it with hindsight – I would have been crazy to risk jeopardising what I had. But I only really realised that these last few years.

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              1. Lol, that’s a word I haven’t heard in a while. But that’s exactly what some people do, whatever their age. I couldn’t be bothered with all that, at any age; sleeping with someone for the hell of it. And I certainly wouldn’t cheat – I don’t know how people do it, make up their stories about where they’ve been and who with lol. It sounds too stressful.

                Yes, hindsight can be a wonderful thing and I’m glad you didn’t risk it! 🙂

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                1. It’s funny actually because someone I follow posted on here about how her uncle kept trying to get her to go to… I’m sure she said swingers clubs with him. And she’s, like, my age. So he must be in his 70s….
                  And I just think what a bloody sheltered life I led 🤣🤣🤣

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                    1. Oh, man, it’s super-weird, isn’t it? It was one of those things where I’m just thinking “they used the term just to mean some guy who was old enough to be my father”, but you never know.
                      I once read on the web that there was a swingers club down here, right by a supermarket we sometimes go to, and we were just “what???” because it sounded so unbelievable. But I suppose these places must exist somewhere.


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