Yummy in my Tummy

Hot on the heels of my post the other day, my wife just got a notification through that our order this week will arrive this morning between 9-10AM.

You know what this means, don’t you?



    • Curry is my favourite and I guarantee will not be around long enough to warrant freezing! I find it is best made from scratch in large batches, so I enjoy getting a one-person ready-meal from the supermarket. It is the only time I ever have a ready-meal. I like that for years they have prepared various chicken and lamb dishes, but now they have a purely vegetable variant (mainly cauliflower). Yes, this will definitely be supper tonight.

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      • My first job in Switzerland was working for an Indian in his office, with a Swiss wife. I lived in with the family. Food was mainly curry, and he also had a restaurant, so I learned to cook curries with all the right spices. I don’t do it so much now.

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        • I remember we encountered a ;pt of “preserved” food when we stayed in the Alps (hams, cheeses etc) so very different to curry.
          In the end, I had muffins (as in blueberry, I don’t think I ever tried English) but as I woke up, was thinking of pains au chocolat, about which I will post later. My norm is porridge, so a bit of a treat!


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