Since lockdown began I have enjoyed getting involved in a daily word challenge. I already posted something today (here), but the word was design, so I had that idea bouncing around in my head. I’ve had a bit of time this afternoon and came up with this:

The audience gasped as the lights went down,
A new car from a stable of great renown,
This shiny new beast was unmasked to the few,
They’d nailed it this time, the company knew.

A thoroughbred stallion revealed to the throng,
With a five litre engine, it couldn’t go wrong
Would soon be a classic, with nary a glitch,
And a price-tag attracting the super rich.

When unveiled to the public, the car didn’t sell,
It burned too much fuel, said the firm’s clientele,
“Give us something electric, with zero emission
We must drive something cleaner, and break with tradition.


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