Fandango’s Dog Days of August (19 August 2020)

Unique combination tonight, time plus motivation. So I thought I’d have a stab at today’s FDDA challenge, hate. I’ve been having some fun composing a few poems again recently, so I hope this raises a smile. Some of these are true, others just made me smile. I’ll let you decide which are which.

Whether they're short or whether they're long,
One thing's for certain, I hate Country songs.

Just a few words to describe it, absolute crap.
You can be left in no doubt that I'm talkin' 'bout rap.

Another I saw not much point in grunge,
If it comes on, I fill up my ears with sponge.

I never was too much into rock,
The most I can say is it just puts me in shock

I don't mind some jazz in the late afternoon,
But why the **** can't they just stick to the tune?

I really quite partial to good bits of punk
Another I like is is Seventies funk.

When we talk about reggae, we're on the same line,
A good reggae band nothing short of sublime.

I can't let this rhyme go without having my say,
'Bout disco, soul music, and of course Marvin Gaye.

Originally tagged: FDDA


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