Fandango’s Dog Day’s of August (27 August 2020)

Fandango’s Challenge. Today, our favourite beverage. There can be only one.

Fandango’s Dog Days of August (26 August 2020)

I normally take part in Fandango’s Provocative Question on Wednesdays, but frankly, there is not a cat in hell’s chance that I will come up with anything even vaguely coherent today.

My head was turned, however, by his Dog Days of August prompt today (#26) where he asks us for our favourite quotation. That one is easy.

Mine is political – my favorites always are because I think human beings can do a much better job. It is from the UK Labour (left) politician Tony Benn (1925-2014). I was lucky enough to meet him and to have chatted with him. I’ve posted this before, so forgive me if I post it again.

If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.

Fandango’s Dog Days of August (19 August 2020)

Unique combination tonight, time plus motivation. So I thought I’d have a stab at today’s FDDA challenge, hate. I’ve been having some fun composing a few poems again recently, so I hope this raises a smile. Some of these are true, others just made me smile. I’ll let you decide which are which.

Whether they're short or whether they're long,
One thing's for certain, I hate Country songs.

Just a few words to describe it, absolute crap.
You can be left in no doubt that I'm talkin' 'bout rap.

Another I saw not much point in grunge,
If it comes on, I fill up my ears with sponge.

I never was too much into rock,
The most I can say is it just puts me in shock

I don't mind some jazz in the late afternoon,
But why the **** can't they just stick to the tune?

I really quite partial to good bits of punk
Another I like is is Seventies funk.

When we talk about reggae, we're on the same line,
A good reggae band nothing short of sublime.

I can't let this rhyme go without having my say,
'Bout disco, soul music, and of course Marvin Gaye.
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