Did you see the “Columns” block?

[I should say at the start, you’ll need to view the post on my site to appreciate this.]

Well, first of all, did you see the quiz I post yesterday? It went something like this:

1.blah blah blah

In fact, to get there, I had to select a Table block and edit it manually. If I’d have just created a table from the editor, and used it as is, I’d have got:

1.blah blah blah

See how it mangles the widths?

So I sent a message to WordPress and asked if there was any way to do this visually, without faffing around with the underlying code. Turns out, there is a block called the Columns block instead. This allows me to create my columns, entirely within the visual editor. Set the widths, and all.

I thought I’d mention it for two reasons. First, this appears to be quite a powerful block. After you’ve said how many columns you want, you can not only set their widths, but you can also fill then with whatever other blocks you like. I mean, I was only interested in writing a bit of text, but you could put images, or lists, or (I guess) loads of other things, if the fancy takes you.

Second, this is the one time I have to go beyond the block editor and fiddle with the underlying code.

I’ve seen/used these blocks where you can display media and text side-by-side, but it’s clear to me now that that is just a special case of a Columns block. So, this is what my quiz would’ve looked like if I’d have used the Columns block.


blah, blah, blah


The quick brown fox

  • blah
  • blah
  • blah


  hours  minutes  seconds



and all done visually!

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

23 thoughts on “Did you see the “Columns” block?”

    1. No I onlydiscovered it when WP told me abput it, but I can see i might be useful one day. I’m thinking of writing a post in 3-4 newspaper columns just for a change one day.


    1. Hi there, a lot of people who follow me have said similar but I’d urge you to keep trying. You can just create posts and never actually publish them, so you can play about.
      For me, I never actually used the Classic editor, and have only ever known Blocks. But they have added more and more blocks in the last few months, so the editor is very powerful. I follow a wordpress.org feed (the people who actually write WordPress) and blocks are definitely how they see the future. They have committed to supporting the Classic Editor for the foreseeable future, but I doubt it’ll get enhancements the way the Block Editor will.


      1. You seems to be very fluent in french langage !
        I love your country too, you know, and I am not the only one.
        Come back when you want, the door is open and we have enough room for you…
        Happy to meet you.


        1. Hi Régis, je n’y suis pas allé depuis 5 ans, avant … Ma femme et moi, nous habitions près de Portsmouth, nous avons pris le ferry, donc nous connaissons bien la Normandie et la Bretagne. Ravi de te «rencontrer». Pete 🤝🏼

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    1. Nope, just when we select a particular type of block as you write a post. It is one of the choices that we have. Have a look at my Quiz Time post from yesterday to see what I mean. The way the numbers are separated from the Qs & As.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I prefer my laptop because I have more real estate, but WP seem to have put a lot of effort into phones and tablets so I’d be surprised if you couldn’t do it on your i-gadgets. Happy Sunday! Hope you got a day of rest planned.

          Liked by 1 person

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