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Yesterday, I was thinking about the one word challenge when I stumbled across a Tommy Cooper joke. I assume we’ve all heard of Tommy? If not… “What a good way to address the prompt”, I thought, and promptly went looking for other jokes that might be usable.

Now, I am useless at remembering jokes. I found a few pages with great lists of his material. Not to mention, there are countless other brilliant comedians. So, it became just an exercise in reading through each page and having a laugh. I thought I’d present this one, before I forget it.

A man takes his Rottweiler to the vet.

“My dog’s crosseyed, is there anything you can do for him?”

“Well,” says the vet, “let’s have a look at him”

So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then checks his teeth.

Finally, he says “I’m going to have to put him down.”

“What? Because he’s crosseyed? “

“No, because he’s really heavy”

Tommy Cooper

Must look up some more comedians

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

4 thoughts on “Start the Week”

  1. I liked Tommy, as well as Morecambe & Wise, The Two Ronnies, Benny Hill, Dave Allen (we got all their shows here, while you got “Sgt. Bilko”). Tommy quite literally died on stage. I saw the video, and how people laughed, thinking that was part of the act. To me, that has to be the best way for a comedian to go.

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