Tick Tock Tuesday Review (from 19 May 2020)

Last week I seized on an idea I’d picked up, to give a nod to the people who also shared some music under this banner. I have at least, thought of a better name this week. Calling it a “post mortem” wasn’t the brightest of ideas.

So, a nod to msjadeli, who presented a lovely, soothing piece, played by Acker Bilk, from another time. It really is so chilled, it is worth a listen.

A nod too to LindaKempWriter, who featured a Karen Carpenter song this week. Great minds think alike – I featured Karen Carpenter early on in my own series of posts (here) – the word “favourite” is overused but she’s certainly up there for me. So here you go, two great songs for the price of one!

Thanks, ladies. Lastly, I heard this one yesterday on the Seventies channel, and it has stayed with me ever since. So if you’re not all music’d out, enjoy this mellow tune:


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