Okay, here’s the story. Before lockdown, I needed a haircut, but I didn’t go because of catching the pox. Unnecessary risks, and all that.

So, a few weeks into lockdown, I bit the bullet and used my clippers to give myself a #4. If you’re not in the know, I believe a #4 is 4/8″, about as short as I’ve ever had it. Normally, I have the barber cut my hair to 1″, and it grows from there. I secretly always fancied going even shorter, but my wife said she wouldn’t like it.

Yesterday, she mentioned that I could do with clipping it again. Fatal mistake. As the weather is also getting a bit warmer, I went for it. Here is the result.

My head is at a funny angle, because I wanted as much of the top to be visible as I could. This is a #1 (that is 1/8″).

The verdict:

wife “I don’t like it, it makes you look like your dad.” Presumably she means my 70-year-old dad, not the 20-year-old version. Actually I always thought my dad was better-looking as a youngster than I ever was. “You look like an egg”, she just said. “Don’t do it again.”
me It is lovely. Ladies, you know when you run your fingers through your husband’s freshly-cut hair and it feels short, soft and bristly? It’s like that. And I’m loving that I put my hand on my head, and it actually feels warm!

This should see me through lockdown! And if I can’t do it now, when can I?


  1. You’re blessed with a nice-shaped head. And you’re absolutely right, if you can’t experiment with hair now when can you? Looks good (and military!) My hair is getting really long and the whiteness is like a halo around my face now. I’ve been toying with the idea of shearing it off.

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    • Already I’m finding bits that I missed, around my ears etc. I think if I wanted to look presentable I’d need to shave it too.. But my wife has definitely forbidden that! My hair was always pretty fine but it is uniform on my head, so up to now, I have always had a proper style rather than going bald. It feels brilliant, though, doesn’t it?

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  2. I did that once..went for the number 1 attachment and made my hair 1/8 inch all over. loved it. hated when it grew out though. for some reason it was always a bit itchy. and yes..I am a girl. lol

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  3. 1/8″ is too short for me; I like 1/4″ – been clipping my own head (shaving my neck) and trimming around my ears for years now. It’s so much easier, cooler, more economical and less fuss – it’s too bad women are ‘brainwashed’ to believe that it matters what others’ think of them.

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    • I used to do my own hair after I stopped going up to see clients every day, but my favourite “style” is to have the sides/back clipped, and the top cut a bit longer. That join was always difficult to get seamless. I try and live within my means with my disability benefit these days, but I figure it’s worth paying for a decent haircut every couple months.


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