Tick Tock Tuesday Review (from 12 May 2020)

I started following Eugenia‘s blog and noticed that she does this thing, where she must issue a prompt and then follows it up subsequently by listing the posts of the people who responded. I think. I might have got that slightly wrong but anyway, it seems like an excellent idea. It saves readers from having to go back, find the post and search through the comments/pingbacks.

So I wanted to quickly post to thank Msjadeli over at Tao Talk, who joined in with my Tick Tock Tuesday post this week, posting a beautiful bit of opera. If you did not already, it is well worth a quick listen and a read of the back story.

And thanks also to LindaKempWriter over at Musings From Melbourne, who has joined in a few times, too. The post of hers that I’m linking to here is a track by Duran Duran. Since she also admits to being a child of the Eighties, I bet she once had the hots for John Taylor too, just like all the other girls seemed to! That was his name, wasn’t it? If it is any colsolation, I bet he’s a wreck now 😆.


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