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Yay, we now have a roadmap!
Boris starting to turn on the tap
Let’s all go back to work
No excuses to shirk
But the virus, it don’t give a crap.

Still four thousand new cases per day
virus just isn’t going away
Though the prospect ain’t sunny
We must start making money
And just hope we can keep it at bay.

To explain this a bit, I must use some prose, because I’m not sure I can do it in rhyme.

As of tomorrow, the UK Prime Minister wants many sectors here to return to work, provided a safe distance can be maintained. This is all fair enough, but what if a safe distance cannot be maintained? In this case, the Prime Minister has suggested that the employee should take matters up with the employer. So, what if the employee is not satisfied, but the employer won’t budge?

The obvious thing (to me) is that the employee just does not go back into work. Their life might be at stake, after all.

I am afraid that I think the government’s next step will be to say “now that everybody is back at work, there is no longer a need to provide financial support”. And so anybody who stays away from work will have the option of going back to work, or starving.

The consensus appears to be that the UK’s new rules, announced by Boris on Sunday, just do not make sense. Most of yesterday was spent “clarifying” them, and everything I have seen so far Tuesday just seems to be highlighting the holes.


  1. I totally agree with you. The government is crap. Talk about chaos. They seem unable to follow an ordinary conversation even, in my humble opinion. A school kid could do better. I had faith in them to some extent, until sunday and then yesterday. Even meeting with other people and family members has changed today. We are all confused. We just have to make our own judgements, but sadly, as you say, starvation is on the horizon.

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    • I have sympathy for them, because I think anybody would have struggled. But I do think they could have done a lot better, we only need to look at other countries. At the same time as Boris is crowing about success I am looking at the worst number of deaths in Europe.

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      • Yes I have some sympathy too, and it doesn’t help that bothe Boris and some of the rest have had the virus. I do believe that it can affect your thinking proceses. If nothing else, it is traumatic to get it. But I do think that they should have acted earlier. I feel that the so called experts are not always that good. But then who else did the govt. have to turn to? It’s tricky.

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        • I’m not at all convinced that Boris did have the virus. Downing Street briefed that he did, but that could have been just to make people realise how serious it was. In fact it might have had the opposite effect, as he seems to have come through it. I wonder if the numbers would be significantly different, had he died?

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          • Seriuosly do you believe that? I don’t know. He certainly got better just in time for the birth of his baby. I hadn’t thought of it like that. Interesting.

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            • I don’t discount it as a possibility, for sure. A few days before, they announced that Charlie had the virus, which was met with loud reactions of “don’t really care”, so they might have chosen someone even more prominent. I don’t know but I don’t believe everything I see on tv.

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