Personal Progress (May 2020)

I’ve got to be honest, the stroke hasn’t really dominated things for quite some time. I mean, I have lasting effects with my arm and leg, but the actual stroke seems a long time ago.

The fatigue is still a biggie – I’m fed up that I get breathless when I walk from the lounge to the kitchen, but I have developed coping strategies. Same with my eyes, I believe my eyesight has stopped deteriorating but I’ve been told it’ll never actually improve from here. But for that, too, I have coping strategies. I do feel that if I ever met any of my online friends in real life, nobody would recognise me because doing things on a computer is a doddle compared to actually doing things. But the effects are what they are, and I’ll take any advantage I can.

Although it left lasting effects, I never really felt that I was defined by the stroke, even though for a while, I probably was. I did, however, feel that I had quite a unique perspective from which to speak.

When I started the blog, I decided to highlight that perspective to make it as in your face as possible – Stroke Survivor. But it is a long while since I posted anything stroke-related. I post on far more everyday things these days.

So I decided to change the name of the blog. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I don’t feel I need that “in your face” aspect any longer.

In the next couple of weeks, therefore, I’m going to change the name of the blog. The name I thought of was Mister Bump. Still an oblique reference to the stroke, but far less direct. Sharp-eyed readers will already have noticed that I changed my email, one (eagle-eyed!) noticed that I’d already changed the header image. And the URL, blog title & logo will soon follow suit.

I’ll keep my personal identity – Stroke Survivor UK – unchanged for now, but I’ll probably change that too at some point. Probably by keeping my name the same for now, most of you won’t really notice any difference. And anybody who sends an email to the old address, I set up an alias so it’ll redirect automatically to the new one.

I’ve been reassured by the folks at WordPress that everything will morph from one name to the other quite seamlessly, links, reblogs, images, the lot, but I’ll believe it when it happens. So there might be a few funnies as I fix broken links. If you find one, please tell me.


  1. Hi and congratulations! Change is very satisfying (once all the kinks are worked out) and your ‘growth’ is obvious, as you mentioned. I am curious about everything that you are changing: name of the blog/title, URL, email, etc. I’ve tried to change my blog but I am not tech savvy enough to do a thorough job of it – there are some things that can’t be changed without setting up a whole new blog/identity (I can’t even articulate what I am talking about right here b/c I don’t understand it) .. so I may be asking you some questions later – when you’ve successfully made the transition.
    Again, congratulations! This feels like a new birth and it’s not even me.

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  2. Eagle-eyed 😂 I wear glasses, without them I can’t even cross the road safely. So for me, in your face, is a relative term!
    But all jokes aside, I think it’s a great move. We humans must evolve otherwise the experience becomes rather depressing, and I should know that. As for my blog, I choose ‘Food for Thoughts’ because it’s not that defined and well, I like food 🙂
    I look forward to the changes and I hope that they go smooth. If any links are broken, I’ll let you know.

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    • Did you reads them to your children? Too old now, I guess? We bought the box set when my daughter was that age. We even picked up a half-dozen of her favourites in a bookstore in France, just to help her see the language. You could try Little Miss Prosecco 🤣


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