Date Night

Here’s an idea for lockdown:

Last night, my wife and I had a date night. We’d planned it for the evening after we’d been to the shops, so while we were out we picked up some goodies.

Since last week, I have been looking through the programme guide and recording all the decent-looking movies I could find as they aired.

Monday, I raided the wine store and found a 20-year-old bottle I picked up from the producer while staying down at the bottom of France. It had been in the fridge since then. Ever the clinician, when I finally poured it, my wife said it looked like a dodgy-looking specimen, but there was 20 years of deliciousness in each glass.

Come 7 o’clock, we prepared just a frozen ready-meal, mushroom risotto. We have one of those good-frozen-ready-meal shops in Salisbury, so made a quick detour while we were out. We’ve had the risotto before and it too is delicious – and vegetarian! So we settled into our date night, settled in to watch Jason Bourne. It was crap – my wife and I have rarely agreed on what constitutes a good movie, but never mind.

The highlight of any meal is, of course, the pudding and we each made our choices at the supermarket. She had what tasted like a mixture of fruit, meringue and cream, whereas I had a delicious chocolate-and-salted-caramel torte. Mine was only a couple of inches in diameter, but it was so rich, that was enough. The beauty about both desserts is that they came in pairs, so we can try it all again soon!

There was one sad sign of our ages, however. Where we’d once have got up to all sorts of canoodling afterwards, last night, by not long after 9PM, we were both tucked up in our (separate) beds, snoring soundly. Because I seem to tolerate rice quite well, my sugar was also low, when I measured it this morning (that tiny torte wouldn’t hurt anyone, plus I was careful what I ate yesterday to that point).

So, a second date? With a decent movie on offer, who knows? Just provided those puddings last…


  1. Oh no Pete. No canoodlin’? Bet I didn’t spell that right either! Hubby has got same problems with his blood sugars! A d we don’t canoodle either lol.

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  2. Wow, your date nights sounds great, excellent wine and delicious puds, oooh, yummy. Shame you didn’t enjoy the film. Hubby loves Jason Bourne movies and I’ve sat through three of them a couple of times now! Mmmm, got me thinking – date night tho! 😉

    Also, I love the new look blog P, especially the green as it especially stands out. You know what, green is not my favourite colour but I love it on your blog. It’s the colour I used when I had my MHFA (Mental Health First Aid, England) site, to match the colour of their logo.

    Your site looks amazing! Caz x

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    • Actually, that was just the start! I’m gonna do what you did. I just feel that all the content is far less stroke-related now, so I wanted to make less of a “thing” about it now. Watch this space! Nut the colours will stay the same.

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