Did you see what I did there?

At the start of the virus, the government seemed to accept the scientific advice that testing was the key to this situation.

Good. I am all for accepting the science. We should do so more often.

So our government set a target of making 25,000 tests available per day.

Now, we’re a country of just shy of 70 million people. So even with so many tests, if you do the math, that’s getting on for eight years to test everybody once, let alone to follow the advice from the WHO and test everybody multiple times. But anyways …

Having put such a stake in the ground, though, it was only to be expected that the media would start asking, How are you getting on against your target? In fact, the government increased testing at such a rate, they got to about 10,000 tests per day. Still some way short of their original target. That was as at 1st April – at that rate, 18 years before we are all tested.

Before too long, the tone of the media questions were more along the lines Why is it taking you so long to reach that target? In the government’s defence, there were some reasonable answers to that question – just that the global demand for these tests is currently far outpacing the supply.

But, the government’s response? To increase their target to 100,000!

And you kind-of think, if you can’t even get anywhere near a low target, what is the point in setting a higher target? And you also wonder, what kind of a media do we have, that just sucks these numbers up as if they had any kind of meaning?

Surely the correct answer, right from the start, was just to say as many tests as possible? And to keep the actual aspirations private? Just in the event that exactly this scenario came to pass?


  1. Politicians excel at two things: 1) not answering the question posed to them and 2) deflecting. What we’re seeing here is just a combination of both: when asked ‘why haven’t you achieved the target you set’ they don’t answer by raising the target to appease those who haven’t heard the question….

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  2. Problem with Rona is NOBODU truly understands her. Not even the WHO. So……it’s all a maze and the government can’t own up to it. The conspiracy theories are making it that more difficult. The people we have in leadership nowadays have ego issues as well. Pride always comes before doom. Good morning Brother!

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    • I guess at the moment that testing is what it is. There is a worldwide shortage of these things, and lots of people are saying that what tests there are, are unreliable. But the politicians are supposedly sensible people and should be able to get their story straight. They don’t help themselves.

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