Please Keep Posting

Remember Pops’ lyrics?

I see friends shaking hands
Saying, “How do you do?”
They’re really saying
“I love you”

When you post something, or comment, or like, please remember that whatever you post, you’re also saying I am well enough to use WordPress.

I know many of us only use WordPress every few days , I know some people won’t feel like posting at the moment, but please remember, every time you interact with the community, it is like hearing your heartbeat.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

17 thoughts on “Please Keep Posting”

    1. Hey Kacha, I am good. No symptons, got out for a walk yesterday (without meeting anybody) so got some fresh air. Out to the shops tomorrow, but we have everything that is critical. We need bread, but crackers will do. I have met another Pole on here. He? posts in Polish and English, 365dniwobiektywielg. How about you? Enjoying the spring? Enjoying life with Pierre yet? Did you get there in time?


      1. I’m glad that you’re doing well!
        I went out today too, a bit weird with everything being closed.
        The last days I’ve packed and packed and cleaned and cleaned and tomorrow we’re moving most of the stuff (minus the furniture) before the more strict restrictions come in place. As for now we can move more or less freely. So living together starts tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
        I think I know the blog that you’ve mentioned; is it the one with the pictures?
        I’ve been busy with the dog-adoption too and the dog is reserved for us!
        Now we need to wait for the house visit and the interview and then he can fly to us (after the crisis I guess) so I need to be patient!
        This is him (warning very loud music!)

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          1. Very little. I understand and speak it on a child level, as I was 7 when we left. When I listen to the news in Polish for example, the words are too difficult for me. I can’t read nor write either as I learned Dutch from the start when I went to elementary school.

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            1. I had to put his post into Google to even know the language! I can at least recognise Dutch (even though I never really understood how the sounds relate to the written words) I have some schoolboy German, but must people did not like when I spoke German!

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  1. lol – I am well too!

    I am absolutely shattered though! I feel as if I have been running a marathon every single day at work for over two weeks. They tell me there is no let up in sight…it will be busier and busier and busier.

    Other than that…hey…I am alright!
    Picked up some vegan sausages after you mentioned them the other day.

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    1. It’s entirely your call but you have, what, 1000 followers? They will (some of ’em at least!) be worried about you.
      Far as I can tell from the media, Londoners seem to be behaving almost as normal – where I have not seen anybody apart from my wife for the last 10 days, and have been out twice. \we have to brave the shops in an hour but I’m sure there’ll be supplies of tofu!

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      1. Working for the NHS is intense at the moment.

        I changed my habits three weeks ago. I stopped using any public transport. I stopped using the canteen at work, even the kettle. I have taken my own flask of tea to work each day as well as my water bottle and sandwiches. I have a little kit with me with latex gloves. alcohol gel etc. I won’t let anyone share my pen.

        I walk to and from work. The supermarkets have been terrifying. I realized a week ago they were becoming dangerous as they were becoming packed with people trying to do huge shops. So I have changed when I shop. Now I go after work when the shelves are virtually empty. I have seperated non-perishable foods at home and put them at the back of the cupboard. I nip in and buy any fresh items left – some salad and something vegetarian from the chilled aisle.

        They are bringing in measures at work so that we will see less people from now on, but still help those who are actually sick. But for the past three weeks I may have seen more patients than I would normally see in three months.

        That has to change. I am amazed that so far I seem ok because although every other part of me has been as if I am isolated in a bubble, work has exposed me to more people than ever.

        I have just had to keep reminding myself to wash my hands, not touch my face and ask patients to keep a distance.

        But we are an essential part of the NHS. In other words we have to keep going. We have talked about things at work at length. We already have some colleagues who are self-isolating (none are actually sick yet though). But at any point any of us could wake up coughing or with a fever, so we will have to self-isolate. When we have recovered we will be needed back at work.

        All of us are taking very very seriously things like sufficient rest, sleep and eating properly. We are basically looking after our bodies and our own emotional health so that we can be as strong as possible to do our job which is so important to helping others.

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          1. It’s going to be an interesting period. I keep thinking about all of our patients who have host of other conditions that we are trying to treat/monitor and balancing that with all the extra work with the coronavirus.

            When I say “we”, I mean the entire NHS. Hospitals, surgeries, pharmacies, and all the other NHS services/practitioners that are going to be trying to do their best to care for all their patients through this time.

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