Tick Tock Tuesday (3 March 2020) – Corot

I thought I’d create a new challenge. It is a challenge primarily for me, because I’m new to this platform, and because you don’t really know me yet, nor I you. As my name suggests, I am recovering from a stroke, and I like to push myself in all kinds of little ways… including getting to know the Wonderful World of WordPress. Although this is something I will be doing, I invite you, if this idea takes your fancy, to play along with me and share with me some of your own selections.

My plan is: each Tuesday, until I run dry, I shall post some piece of art with which I have some connection – which has helped to mould me, which makes me tick. Okay, a piece of art is a bit vague – it might be a piece of music, a movie, a book, a painting, or ???? – so my phrasiology is deliberate. It might be anything – I will play this post by ear, so I’m not sure what I’ll think of each week. And, I’ll keep posting on the theme weekly until I run out of ideas.

My rules? Well, I’m not big on rules! My choice will be something with which I feel a connection. That’ll be the important thing, just having some kind of fleeting affection for something probably won’t be enough, unless I’m using my choice as an example of something bigger.

It will be one choice per week – I’m aware that long posts can be quite onerous to read, and I’m in no hurry to complete this so if I have two ideas, I’ll probably hold the second until the next week.

In that same vein, I’ve created this block as a Reusable Block, which I intend repeating for every post on this theme. The block ends with a full-width separator, so if you want to skip ahead each week it doesn’t really matter.

I probably won’t post any lyrics, or any kind of analysis – if you like my choice, the information will be out there for you. But I will try to briefly explain why I feel a connection to my choice, just to try and enhance readers’ understanding of what makes me tick.

I will tag my posts TTT and I will go looking for other posts with that tag. If you’d like to join in, please do the same, or comment, or pingback to this post, and feel free to reproduce my graphic. Lastly, I look forward to reading about what makes you tick.

I wanted to change the medium today, and introduce my favourite artist.

He’s probably not particularly well-known – if your main language is English, for he is a C19th French landscape artist, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot.

For this choice I am going back to the Nineties, I was relatevely young (so much younger than today), most definitely free and single. I would go over to Paris just to soak up the atmosphere, for no reason other than I enjoyed it over there, about one weekend per month.

I would fly from my apartment in Southampton to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and jump onto the Roissybus (Roissy-en-France is the village right by where the airport is situated, just outside Paris), which would drop me by the Opéra, right in the centre. From there, onto the Métro, down to a tiny one-star hotel I liked out in the Fifth arondissement. When you’re out all day anyway, all you really need is somewhere to sleep. Door-to-door was just a couple of hours on a Friday evening.

I’d make the return journey on a Sunday afternoon. There was always time to kill, as France is mostly shut on Sundays, so I’d find myself in the centre of Paris, and often used to visit the Louvre. In those days (might still be the case) they made admission free on Sundays, another reason to visit. If you ever visit Paris, make a visit your #1 priority!

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the famous exhibits – the Mona Lisa, etc. – but they attracted so many crowds that I generally used to avoid them. Instead I headed up to the second floor, an exposition of native French art. The artist that I grew to love there was Corot.

So, memories not only of some wonderful art, but also of my visits to Paris.

I hope these JPGs are good enough to show. Anybody who knows me, knows that my eyes aren’t brilliant any more, but that’s just the way it is.


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