A blog started following me…

When I notice that somebody starts to follow me, I do my best to look at their site (if they have one) to decide whether I’d like to follow them too. I’m fortunate that so far, I attract followers at a sufficiently slow rate that I am usually able to keep up.

Yesterday, somebody started following me, so I checked out their site and found something quite interesting. So much that I wanted just to share the site. So, I’ve reposted their latest post.

These guys are an abortion clinic based in Pretoria, South Africa. I’m not going to get into the debate of whether abortion is a good or a bad thing, the bottom line is that somebody else’s health is none of my business. But I think it is important that people know what their options are so they can hopefully make their own decision. So I’m reposting in the hope that this will one day be relevant for somebody. I have no further knowledge of them, other that they exist (as at today’s date)!


  1. Congratulations on 100 followers! 🥳🥳🥳
    It is important to know your options, always.
    Me, personally, would prefer to take such a pill under a doctors supervision and not order it over the internet. BUT circumstances vary greatly from country to country, from families and the woman in question.
    Information is valuable.

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    • I didn’t even know that a pill was an option, but there again, why would I? I agree, knowledge is power, my assumption was that these people are a reputable clinic, although I don’t really have any knowledge either way.

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      • Life can be really hard at that point. I know an unwanted pregnancy can make a woman very desperate and vulnerable. To know that a pill exists can give a glimmer of hope.
        It can be heavy on the body because it messes with your hormones like no other.
        In Belgium you can take a MAP (morning after pil) the day after risky behavior or a forgotten regular anti conception pill.
        For all other information and possible help, you’re required to see a doctor. But again till a certain period abortion is legal here.
        Our past king, King Boudewijn I, left his throne for one day, the day the law was passed. He and his wife Fabiola were very fond of children and very religious. The subject is still controversial in some communities.

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        • There is less debate here, but what debate there is quite heavily religious. There are prominent politicians who are devout Catholics but I think even there, they usually claim that their view is a personal one which would not find its way into public policy.
          There are anomalies on all sorts of social issues in Northern Ireland, whose politicians are more conservative than the rest of us. The current fuss is about gay marriage still not being legal there, despite legal everywhere else in the UK. But this is just the flip-side of having devolution.

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          • Here it’s only debate to form a government. Everything else is undecided except for money issues, to pay them that is 😆
            The abortion ‘debate’ is only in heavy catholic communities. Recently we had a flair up around the euthanasia debat, which is legal now but there is still some grey zones that need to be cleared up in the law.
            I’m going to start making my lunch now, see you later!

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            • I always thought euthanasia was a very tricky one. My gut feeling is that I have no right to get involved. At the same time, I can appreciate that society would like to be satisfied that no coercion took place, so I can see why politicians don’t act. My overall feeling is that you’re just stepping into a minefield as soon as you jump in. There are a few subjects like that; abortion, funnily enough, is another.
              I hope you have a good lunch. I have only just had croissants for breakfast, my lunch will be hurried because I am visiting the hospital this afternoon, but I hope to have time to visit the shop on the way home to get some cookies later! The trouble is I can only have one, so it ends up being a treat for my wife 🙂.

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              • I think by discussing it openly and set laws in place, we can avoid ‘angels of death’ in our hospitals and places where the elderly live (don’t know the name in English).
                I hope you’ll get the cookies too! For you and for your wife. You two sound like a cute couple 🙂

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                • we have our ups and downs 🙂. It must be hard to live with somebody as perfect as me 😆.
                  where the elderly live? Used to be old folks’ homes, but that is now politically incorrect. There are various things now, sheltered accommodation (someone lives independently, but there is maybe a caretaker nearby if necesary), residential home (pretty much the same, I guess everyone is under the same roof)) and a care home (where nursing is ayailable).

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                  • Haha, your new nickname is going to be ‘Pete Perfect’ 😂
                    Ohlala, different names for, I’m going to have troubles to remind them. As I understand I worked in a PCM, Psychiatric Care Home/Psychiatric Residential Home. And a carreer in sheltered accommodation I could consider if the pay and hours and supervision is decent. Non-existent I’m afraid.

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                    • Practically Perfect in Every Way! I have no knowledge of what is available on the mental health sphere, but I bet Caz does. A lot of care now is “in the community”, which broadly means “somebody else’s problem”.

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    • I’ll tell you what did surprise me though. I read another of their posts, I was surprised how quickly somebody had to act. Their post was specific to South Africa, but even so… I generally like to mull things over for as long as possible.

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      • Usually you know what to do in such a situation when you need to take action. It’s never that easy as it sounds but you act accordingly to your conscience. In this case, the quicker the better. But for a real abortion you get time to think about it and there is psychological evaluation (normally). A pill is less invasive but requires quicker action.

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  2. Just as a brief update. This place received a pingback when I linked to their page. They didn’t “like” that pingback. They didn’t “like” this post. Now, I don’t want to get hung up about whether somebody likes what I do or not, but it is just a nice “thank you”.
    What they did do was to post another 6 times during the next twelve hours. So I turned off notifications from them. I wish them well and I hope my post does something to enhance somebody’s awareness of their options, but at the end of the day, I’m not interested personally in getting an abortion.

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