More Bad Poetry

As a nipper, I played in a band,
We would often play somewhere quite grand.
But my playing was flat,
Sounded just like a cat.
It was more than the punters could stand!

or how about:

I’m glad I was not out today,
It’s been windy and rainy all day.
The cat is asleep,
On the floor, in a heap.
In the warmth of the house he will stay

Or finally, one that is not mine, but one that I read years and years ago:

I’ve got a dog called Rover
He’s soft and he’s fluffy all over
He’s as cute as sugar babies
It’s such a pity he’s got rabies

Sorry 🙂. I hope you’re enjoying your Thursday.


  1. Good ones! How are they called, limericks?
    We have a very famous in Dutch which I will translate loosely:
    I’m sitting here before the window
    Can’t get the boredom out of my way
    I wish I was two dogs
    So together we could play.

    I swear it is the most famous one and I didn’t chose it because there are dogs in the little poem!

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