It Gets Worse

It’s funny, because just after I posted that awful joke last night, my wife got all excited when I told her I was searching for cheap flights on the web.

Which is strange, because she’s never taken an interest in darts before!

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

10 thoughts on “It Gets Worse”

  1. Exactly! It is like that, I assume you mean that booking flights can be like winning the lottery. Or what did Ryan Air do this time?
    Except for their ridiculous demands for fitting ALL of your hand luggage into one bag the size of a handkerchief!

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        1. I always remember that hunour is the most difficult part of any language to pick up. I guess you have two totally unrelated words for both of these in Flemish.
          Okay, here is another – what is the difference between men and cheese? Cheese matures! (Actually, I heard it as a joke but most women will probably just think it is a statement of fact!) Just think how much your English has improved today (it is a pity it is all absolute nonsense šŸ˜„)

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              1. I am better and better but having many ups and lows which is exhausting.
                I’m having a time off now, I’ll start with job hunting the next month but I have some ideas already.
                I’m also in the LONG process of cleaning out my stuff and move them to Pierre which is very exiting.
                I have a small overview of my week in tomorrows post but still need to write a thorough life update.
                How are you doing these days?

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                1. Moving is very stressful for that very reason! but as you say will lead to good things.
                  I am OK, I am back to normal after christmas, Wife’s mum is quite unwell, I will write about it probably but for now, a bit fresh. Wife is spending a lot of free time over there. We had lots of storms last night which have caused flooding, not near my house, fortunately, but I got soaked coming home. Blue skies now.

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                  1. Moving is stressful indeed. I take it one box at the time as so to speak.
                    I’m sorry to read to your wife’s mum is not feeling well. I’ll them both in my thoughts.
                    Flooding well, your life isn’t boring over there is it? Here it’s raining but still too little for the veggies and the animals. Maybe we’ll get some rain from across the pond.

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