Election Blues

It is interesting to watch the TV following our General Election. “Experts” pontificating about why people voted how they voted. The politicians who lost citing this issue or that issue as the reason, not conceding that it was generally because they have their heads stuck up their ass! And, of course, it is all speculation, none of it means anything.

To be honest, I am disappointed, but I would have been disappointed, whatever the outcome. I posted about this at the start of the campaign, and have deliberately not posted on politics since then. I’m disappointed just in the overall quality of our politics. No particular colour. Every colour.

I can’t help but think that some form of statistical analysis would be a good idea. It seems likely that the Brexit issue played a large part in seats going from Red to Blue. It’s a shame that an overall election – everything we decide for the next five years – is dominated by a single issue, but there again Brexit is our biggest issue internally by far. Wrongly so, in my opinion – whether we are in the EU or not will not matter much when we are under three feet of water. But true nevertheless.

We last held a General Election in just 2017, when Labour did surprisingly well. In 2017, Labour were supporting a straightforward honour the result of the Brexit referendum ticket, while in 2019 their support was somewhat more … equivocal. I’ve heard it said that that’s what cost them the result and I wouldn’t disagree. Plus, the main party still promising to honour the referendum result, the Conservatives, came out so well. I think Labour need to decide which comes first – pandering to its members, or pandering to the electorate.

I have already heard Labour activists slapping themselves on their backs, telling themselves what a brilliant campaign they fought, it was the bloody electorate that did for them. I’ve got bad news for them – the bloody electorate are exactly the people they need to convince. Above all else, they’re going to need to be credible.

I am quite happy, though, that those calls for a re-run of the EU referendum have been debunked. Doesn’t matter how loudly you shout, most of us thought that idea was nonsense.

I’m also pretty happy that some parties were punished for explicitly saying that they would ignore the result of the European referendum. They missed a trick by not realising that the argument about whether leaving the EU was a good or a bad idea was decided in 2016, in the referendum itself. For better or worse. It is a done deal. Just in terms of the electoral system we choose, a plebiscite is the purest form of democracy and should take precedence over any other mechanism we might use, in particular the way we elect our Parliament is stone-age in comparison. So for me, one trumps the other every time. I’d take a referendum every week until we’ve decided everything which must be decided.

It is interesting to see also how well the Scottish Nationalists did. This has already heralded calls for independence, which BoJo, being a unionist, will, in turn, resist. I’d simply say that being Englishman, I am very much a part of any union between England and Scotland, so shouldn’t I get a say too? But before Scottish Nationalists get too excited, they can relax, because I support self-determination. Every man has a right to decide his own destiny, and all that. In Wales and Northern Ireland too, come to that. If a principle is true for one, then it is true for all.

If anybody is interested, you might have already guessed how I voted from the tone of my comments. I voted for none of the above. I spoiled my ballot. I would by-and-large have preferred to see a Red government rather than a Blue one, but that I could not vote for Labour shows the extent of their own faults. Other people obviously thought so too. My wife told me that I am an idiot, I’m happy to discuss my politics with her, but we don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye. You decide.


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