About eighteen months ago I started writing a piece of software. It was aimed at people wanting to record their diabetes measurements. It was also aimed at getting my tech skills back up to speed.

I wrote the app originally to run on Windows PCs, as a desktop app. So, you had to install it to use it. Once installed, it never touched the internet at all. Why? It was a technical decision, these were basically the technologies I knew best.

As time went by I got this product into a state where I could release it to the world. I decided to call the product Diem, set the branding accordingly, and went about finding an appropriate domain name.

I settled on

but I was never 100% sure. The obvious choice,, wasn’t available. I invented the pseudonym Diem Solutions – might be a good name is ever I set up another business – but isn’t available either. So, complete with misgivings, I rented the name for a year.

Fast forward about 10 months. The rental on this domain name is up in January. In the meantime, I have been working on a web-based version of the same app, which is nearing completion. Again, to bring myself up-to-speed with the technology. In fact, I was going to post a short demo video on here, but so far my video-creation skills have let me down. I’m umming and erring at the moment about whether/how I can get this web-based app live. So, the bottom line is that I want to maintain some kind of web site going forward. But I’m still not sure about that web site name – whether to just renew the existing name, or to go with something else.

Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?

My thought is that if I do change the name of the site, I want it to stay Just because the app itself is international, and .com is the international, commercial domain name suffix. I want to keep the name as a .com rather than a .org because whilst I’ve written this app as a freebie, I may write more commercial things in the future. Lastly, I like .com because it is the most recognisable suffix of them all – I don’t want to go with a suffix that no-one has ever heard of!


  1. That would be very useful for people who need to measure the sugar levels once or more per day. Also nurses would be thankful to get such a beautiful overview. In case I missed, what does Diem stands for? Diabetes (or data?) . . Measurement? At first glace I didn’t see it on the website (maybe just my scattered brain at fault).

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    • It was nothing deliberate. I suppose started with “Diabetes Management” and from there I leapt to Diem. In fact, it doesn’t offer management, so I called it “diabetes tracking” – the user provides the management.
      Probably not so useful for a nurse, who will rely on a blood test (old fashioned needle and syringe) HBA1C, but possibly useful for someone in their bathroom just to record and keep the measurements forever. That is far easier than a blood test, and instant. I test myself in the bathroom, it is “there and then” – if I were to eat 10 Mars Bars an hour before, it would show. HBA1C is more of an averaged reading over time, more accurate but harder to do. Somebody will be diagnosed by their doctor based on their HBA1C.

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    • Plus, you know how people can stick their own web sites to their blog? Like mine is, or Fandango’e is (or something similar). That’s all I’m really doing here. Writing the app requires a bit of braininess but anyone can do the webby stuff.


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