Can’t Be Bovvered

I looked at my Stats this morning and was surprised to see that somebody had been viewing one of my posts from ages ago. Well, I suppose that’s why it ‘s there!

When I moved to WordPress, I saw that it had imported all my Blogger posts with tags. I spent the best part of a weekend turning my tags into categories. What can I say? I like the idea that when I post something, it fits into a pigeonhole somewhere.

As it happens I do use tags, to keep a common thread going. Every Sunday I write a post and tag it “Song Lyric Sunday” to follow NewEpicAuthor‘s prompt..

I have a category I called Personal. I’ve always thought that it was a bit of a nonsense, because everyhing I write here is personal. Even if not about me, it comes from my perspective. But nevertheless I’ve used that category when I’ve discussed my personal tastes, say. Over time, I have created sub-categories under Personal, but even so I used it as a bucket when nothing else seemed to fit.

Which was true of the post this morning. Even on “bucket” posts, though, I can often see trends. Subjects I tend to blog about.

I looked on the blog and the number of Personal posts was over 100. Sure, a lot of these were already in subcategories, but I spotted a few common themes which were hitherto uncategorised, so decided that the time had come.

But whenever you do something like this, you end up asking whether you should retrofit it. I decided to only go back three months or so, hence my title.

So I’ve just spent the last few hours going through my Personal posts and deciding whether to re-categorise them. The old wp-admin dashboard is far easier for any bulk changes such as this. Even now there are still around forty posts which are just labelled as Personal, but that’s either deliberate (I’m still going to use the category to reount blogworthy miscellany that happen to me) or they are older posts. I’ll play those posts by ear, I’m aware that people tend only too look at recent posts so there’s no point my worrying about them if nobody is ever going to read them. Or, I suppose, I might just have screwed up!


  1. Your site has a nice look to it and grouping things is a human practice as we are always looking for patterns. I like the calendar that you show on the right side of your posts where everyone can see the days that your wrote on.

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    • Yes, I wanted easy access to my old posts in not-a-lot of real estate. I use it for Fandango’e Friday Flashback, just to find something as close to the date as possible. I’d sooner have a widget where I can click forward/back and skip through the months quickly (or select month/year from dropdowns) and just hit an OK button to load the right posts. But it reloads every time I hit forward or back. Makes looking back 12 months a pain, 24 even moreso. I wouldn’t be averse to writing something myself except my subscription only gives me a limited choice of customisations.


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