World War III

Okay, I can officially report that World War III has started, in my house at least.

We have two cats in the house. The girl, Lola (above), has been here for several years. She likes her own space. The boy, Reuben (below), has been here since last year, although he’s older than that. For some reason, my daughter took him in. She couldn’t look after him, so asked if we would take him. He’s ever so friendly, with an incredibly loud purr at any excuse. Unsurprisingly, we fell in love with him. He also happens to be enormous!

The two cats don’t particularly get on with one another. She hisses when he gets too close. Mostly he’s not interested, but if he’s in the mood he’ll chase her. He’s twice her size. But the funny thing is, they have learned to co-exist.

This week, my wife has gone away on holiday for a short break. I didn’t go with her because I wanted to stay here. So, she invited my daughter.

Daughter arrived last night. Complete with her cat. Yes, I’m cat-sitting for the week.

Hence World War III! I wouldn’t mind, my daughter’s cat is only a youngster, but seems very feisty. My two just want to get on with life, but daughter’s seems to want a fight.

No cat-blows yet, but plenty of hissing from the girls, and I have been scratched for my trouble. Fortunately, the boy is keeping out, although he’s generally very nocturnal, so is probably asleep somewhere. It’s just as well, he’d eat this other cat for breakfast, and still want more!

The added complication is that because my daughter’s cat doesn’t know the area, I’m going to try and keep her in the house all week. However, the other two use a cat flap, they come and go as they please. I’m hoping it takes the usurper more than a week to work out how it works!So, this is going to be me until Friday. Wish me luck!

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

7 thoughts on “World War III”

  1. Oh lol Good luck. I know luttle about cats, being a dog person myself (we used to have four) but I do know that cats have very definite personalities of their own, and usually very strong ones! Vthere’s no messing around with cats! I rather like the looks of cats. They intrigue me, but, never having had one I’m not too sure how I’d get on with one!

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    1. We’ve always had cats, it just worked out that way with strays coming in etc. We’ve had brothers and sisters who’ve got along, but normally, no. They’ll tolerate each other, both eat in the kitchen when they’re hungry, both settle in the same warm room in the middle of winter, but only really when there’s some definite advantage to being in the room with the other cat. But it is never more than tolerance.
      And this youngster…well, I’m hoping she’ll get bored of picking fights (with both the other cats and me!) and settle down soon, and possibly learn some etiquette while she’s here. I have not seen her for a while so presumably, she’s gone for a rest someplace.


    1. Next day, and this little shit cat is doing her damndest to chase my cats out of the house. The boy was OK, he just spent the night on my bed with me, but the girl spent the whole night out, I think, which is unusual. She is in now and purring as I fuss her, but I’ve had to be shouting at this other cat already. It’s 7:30 am, gonna be a long week.

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  2. My daughter has a dog and two cats. The cats have never gotten along with the dog. The dog occupies the down stairs and the cats occupy the upstairs. There is a children’s gate blocking the stairs so the dog cannot gain access.

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  3. There is an uneasy peace in the house. My daughter’s cat has relaxed a lot and has become quite affectionate when she’s in the mood. There hasn’t been any hissing – at me at least – for a few days. I sit here and work, with the garden door open, and she likes to pop out for short spells to enjoy the fresh air. This helps her burn off energy, and she knows how to get in and out. She still has the attitude where she doesn’t like the other cats being in the house – they do eventually get fed up with her and go out – but it is warm and sunny here, during the day at least. They’ve all generally been indoors at night, but I haven’t heard any fighting, so they must all settle in different rooms. Wife and daughter are back today, I think my cats will be glad when the usurper goes home, but I haven’t minded too much.


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