Here’s a scenario for you all to consider. I’ve criticised my current Audible read in a previous entry, but it does provoke some thought.

The woman, originally from the C20th, has been transported (somehow) to the C18th.
The man is, and always has been, of the C18th.
The tale is set in the C18th, when they are also married to each other. Bear with it – if you bought that she could get back to the 18th century in the first place, this other should be no problem!

They’re having a row. She snaps at him, “why d’you always want to behave like bloody John Wayne?” Obviously, the response is “who’s John Wayne?”

Think about it. To try to explain movie star, you first have to explain movie. You probably then need to go back to still photography, how an image can make its way onto a piece of film…

What a bloody nightmare! 🤣

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    Yay, it is Friday again, and Fandango has just published his Friday Flashback post. The idea is that he picks a post from this day in a previous year, to give newer readers a better insight into what does and doesn’t make him tick.

    I have always liked that idea, so shall also post my own reminiscence. As much as anything, it reminds me of where I was, where I am now, and how far I have come. Hopefully, you will find it entertaining along the way.

    This is a post I wrote just about a year ago, I’d been “reading” a book via Audible. I’m not massively into fiction, but I read the synopsis of this book and it sounded like it might be interesting. My wife later told me that it was a big hit, had been dramatised for tv, etc., and that she wouldn’t have thought it was my taste.

    The book was called Outlander. The basic plot is that the book starts just after WW2. She is out walking in the highlands of Scotland one day and is magically transported back to the 1700s – clansmen, redcoats and the like. Once there, she ends ip with this clansman. If you’re interested, you can read the detail for yourself but the long and short is that they end up married, back then. I thought it might be interesting, taking life in the 1940s and mixing it up with life two hundred years earlier, but in the end I’m afraid my wife was right – where I first thought the idea might be worth exploring, I came away thinking that the book was rubbish. It was far too lovey-dovey for me. In this post I was obviously in the middle of listening to it and obviously picked up on a specific tiny bit of it.

    That reminds me, not long ago I canned my Audible subscription because the credits just kept building up. I posted way back about the books I have been reading – yes, I am still getting through them and yes, that is how slow I am! Which reminds me, I finished Renia’s Diary and am intending writing something soon, but it is still very raw. I’m listening to the Louis Theroux book at the moment, which is far easier.

    Anyway, a year ago:


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