The Man Who’d Had Enough

inspired by Paula’s Thursday Inspo #91, where she prompts with this image:.

A dark November morning,
I left my easy chair,
The weatherman gave warning,
A storm was in the air.

I took all the precautions,
Protective gear I donned,
At last with some contortion,
I pulled my oilskin on.

I opened up the front door,
It hit me with a blast,
As I thought about my wisdom,
The garden bin flew past.

I stepped onto the pathway,
I shut the open door,
No sooner had I left the house,
The rain becan to pour.

I put up my umbrella,
And started to strike out,
A gust of wind then caught me,
And blew it inside out.

Though damp, I kept on going,
Restored the brolly’s state,
And picking up my pace
I hurried past the garden gate.

I’m walking down the pavement,
Along the road I set,
A minute later notice,
That my left foot is wet.

I look down at the wellie,
I have a little feel,
To my dismay I find it,
It has a broken seal

No matter, if I hurry,
Not worry ’bout my feet,
Then gust of wind took brolly,
And blew it down the street.

Becoming very wet now,
I’m getting in a huff,
I’m soaked now to the skin
And I decide I’ve had enough.

I’m really up to here now,
Decide to turn around,
Then fresh gust sends me sprawling
And knocks me to the ground.

I’m heading home at speed now,
I feel somewhat provoked,
Don’t see that hidden puddle,
And my other foot gets soaked

I reach at last my front door
I’m searching for my key,
A fallen branch flies past me,
And whacks me on the knee.

I finally get inside house,
I’m feeling bruised and bled,
I think I’ve had enough today,
I’m going back to bed.

Missed Opportunities

inspired by Paula’s Thursday Inspo #90, where she prompts with this image:.

This bloody lockdown. I told you we should have gone south in September, when we had the chance.

Crashed and Burned

inspired by Paula’s Thursday Inspo #88, where she prompts with this image:.

It was New Year’s Eve,
And I could not believe.
This beauty in front of my eyrs,
Having zero regard,
I thought long and thought hard,
For some plan to cross paths must devise.

Having overcome nerves,
Summoned all my reserves,
Could not stop ’til success I had tasted,
She looked up and down,
And then started to frown,
And said “sorry, my dear, but you’re wasted

Start The Day

inspired by Paula’s Thursday Inspo #88, breakfast.

When it’s breakfast, can’t beat something fried,
Maybe bacon and egg, toast on side,
With some sauce, straight from pot,
Mug of tea, steaming hot,
This alone will make hunger subside.

D for Distinguished

I caught Paula’s Thursday Inspiration, about learning.

I was a thicko at school,
The teachers said I was a fool,
When they had writing lessons,
I missed all the sessions,
And now uti asrwa uytiu lejkl.